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Calorad 2000
The History of Calorad® (collagen) and the Chubby Chickens

We market a remarkable weight loss product called Calorad. This is the story of how Calorad was invented. Over 21 years ago, Michel, a brilliant Canadian formulator who was working for Abbott laboratories of Canada at the time, was asked by some desparate poultry farmers to formulate a product to help their chubby chickens get back in shape so they could lay eggs again. The farmers were losing money. Chubby chickens develop a "fatty liver syndrome" which makes them stop laying eggs, and their fatty meat has a lower market value.
There was one big problem the farmers faced:
Calorad 2000 and the chubby chickens
  • - You can not get a chicken to exercise on its own
  • - You can not get a chicken to voluntarily go on a diet
Michel developed a powdered collagen-based formula that was completely safe as a feed additive, sprinkled it into the chicken feed, and fed the product to the chickens. Within one week, the fat was gone and the hens were laying their eggs again. The chicken farmers were very happy, and the news of the breakthrough spread to the neighboring hog and cattle farms. Soon, the pig and cattle farmers were clamoring for Calorad formulations for their livestock, so that their animals could go to market leaner and bring in higher prices when sold. The newly prosperous farmers fell in love with the product. That was back in 1981.

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That's great for chickens, but how about us?

  That's where the really great news begins. A number of months later, Michel looked down at his own tummy one day, and decided that there was a bit too much there. He created a liquid version of Calorad to use for himself. Under the supervision of his friend, Dr. Schofair (a bariatric physician, or "obesity specialist"), Michel tested Calorad on himself. He lost 22 pounds and 3 inches in his waist after only a month on the product--plus, he gained so much more lean muscle mass through his chest and shoulders, that he had to go out to shop for a larger sports coat! Dr. Schofair was amazed at Michel's results. His wife, Louise, loved the results, too. She tried the product and lost 33 pounds.

Michel reported to us: "By simply taking a tablespoon of Calorad with a glass of water on an empty stomach each night just prior to going to sleep, I lost fat, weight and gained more muscle tone. The product really worked!!! That was 21 years ago!! Since then literally hundreds of thousands of people have achieved dramatic fitness and wellness results by using this miraculous product.

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