How does Calorad work?

Calorad® is a nutritional supplement as well as a weight management product. It's collagen formula supports the body in building lean muscle mass. For those who carry around excess weight, the building of lean muscle tissue assists the body in burning sugars and fats more efficiently. For those who are trim, Calorad® supports the body by building strength and vitality.

Calorad® is good for all body types. It is a food supplement, more specifically a collagen supplement, that enhances the body's natural mechanism of rejuvenation and repair. What do we mean by "the body's natural mechanism of rejuvenation and repair?" When we go to sleep at night, the first 45-90 minutes of sleep are a period of high levels of cellular activity in the body. Our minds go to rest, but our bodies go to work in a process of revitalization and repair. Calorad®, when taken on a stomach empty of food for at least three hours, with a glass of water, directly before sleep, fuels and feeds this process. Just like any protein that builds the body, Calorad® builds in a heightened way when taken in the prescribed manner.

The beauty of the program is that it is simple. The only behavioral shift necessary is the cessation of food intake three hours prior to sleep, which alone is a very healthy behavioral shift. In most diets, the behavior modification is to deprive the body of calories or specific food groups (like carbohydrates or fats). This leads to perhaps some quick fix weight reduction, but frequently results in the loss of lean muscle mass which is imperative for efficient food processing and burning of calories. In most diets, 30% of lean muscle mass is sacrificed for weight loss. With Calorad®, the building of muscle is what ultimately causes the weight reduction and, consequently, people lose inches as well as pounds. Many people lose inches before they ever lose a pound, fitting differently in their clothes or perhaps dropping a dress/pant size without noticing any changes on the scale. In fact, there are those who initially put on weight, but lose inches because muscle weighs two times as much as fat.

The results show up differently in different people. Some will experience noticeable results in the first week and some, not until the third month. Some will loose steadily at a very slow rate (for instance one pound every two weeks) and some will plateau out for a while. Calorad® supports differently for different body types. A small percentage of the population, estimated at around 14%, will experience no weight reduction with Calorad® for reasons ranging from latent thyroid problems to personal chemistry. Those people, however, will benefit from the ingredients in Calorad® in the same way they benefit from taking vitamin or mineral supplements. There is no "wrong experience" with the product. At a minimum, Calorad® is a ninety-day program to experience the full range of benefits applicable to your body's potential. Regardless, there is no risk. Each product is covered by the excellent guarantee listed on the "Official EYI Website."

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