What happens if Calorad® doesn't work in days 30-60?

The second month of Calorad® use may be too soon to judge what your final outcome will be....however your chance is much better of success if you continue using Calorad® for a full 90 days. In the clinical studies of over 600 obese individuals taking Calorad®, about 75% lost weight or inches during the second month. Those who were former athletes or who had greater underlying muscle mass tended to respond sooner. Those with flabby builds took longer on average to loose weight or inches. Please be patient. Most overweight people got that way after years of over-eating and inactivity. You cannot expect to change a condition (obesity) that took years to develop overnight! Once again...one important tip is to put the scale away and pay attention to inches lost, how you feel, and how you fit in your clothes.

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