What happens if Calorad® doesn't work in the third month of use (days 60-90)?

Although the third month of Calorad® may be too soon to judge what your final outcome will be, statistically...almost 9 out of 10 Calorad® users (based on clinical experience in over 600 obese patients taking Calorad®) will experience successful weight or inch loss by the end of the third month. If you are not seeing an increase in lean muscle along with a loss of fat or inches...contact us for a free consultation (call toll free: 877-319-3182) during this time. Several factors may inhibit fat or inch loss with Calorad®, including a sluggish thyroid gland, candiasis infection, mineral insufficiencies, inadequate water intake, exposure to certain environmental toxins, and some parasitic infections. Once again...an important tip is to put the scale away and pay attention to how you are feeling, the inches you have lost, and how you fit in your clothes. Always remember that even if you are the 1 person in 10 that Calorad® will not work for, the product has other health benefits, and many people choose to take Calorad® simply because of the way they feel. Regardless, if you are not satisfied, simply send any unopened bottles back to us for a full and prompt refund of your purchase price and tax. Your only risk is a few dollars for shipping and handling (which is not refunded).

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