What happens if if someone gains weight while taking Calorad?

Since there are only 14 calories in each tablespoon of Calorad, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that anyone would ever gain FAT on Calorad...however, Calorad works by causing a gain in LEAN MUSCLE. This beneficial gain in lean muscle mass allows the body to burn 50 additional calories (at rest) for each pound of lean muscle gained. Occasionally, people may gain one or two pounds of weight in the first month of using Calorad®...this is GOOD because unless you have radically increased the amount of food you are consuming, the weight gain is almost ALWAYS due to gains in lean muscle. In the next month, the pounds will often start to come off because this extra lean muscle is assisting you in the burning of FAT.

It is important that the scale not be the judge of success with Calorad® (especially in your first month of taking Calorad®) because lean muscle weighs more than fat. We suggest that you put the scale away and pay attention to inches lost and the way that you fit into your clothing. Sometimes people put on weight initially with Calorad® because the change in their body's muscle composition reflects as pounds on the scale. These same people, however, often report inch reduction and muscle tone that attests to the building of their bodies in a positive way.

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