What is Calorad AM?

Because Calorad® (original formulation) must me taken on an empty stomach (three hours without eating prior to bedtime), many individuals involved in todays' hectic lifestyles have difficulty with this restriction. Often people who work late must eat as late as 10 or 11 PM...and the option of waiting until 1 or 2 AM to retire is not a desireable one. Many people were unable to take the original Calorad® for that reason. Now, Michel Grise, the formulator of Calorad®, has developed a morning formulation called appropriately, "Calorad AM®". Calorad AM® costs about $5 more per month than the PM formulation, but contains much more collagen, the active ingredient of Calorad®. This heavy-collagen formula allows the product to be taken immediately upon arising with the same great results as Calorad PM®. You simply wait about 1/2 hour before eating breakfast or drinking coffee to allow the Calorad to be properly absorbed by your body.
Additionally, you may take Calorad AM at bed-time if you prefer and it will work as well or better than Calorad PM® due to the additional active ingredient in the formula! Calorad AM® offers you MAXIMUM flexibility with your schedule!
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