How do I take Calorad for optimum weight management results?

One half ounce (one tablespoon) of calorad should be taken with 8 ounces of cold water on a 3-hours empty stomach immediately prior to turning off the lights at bed-time. If you are going to read for awhile, just keep the glass of Calorad® and water on your night-stand until you are ready to go to sleep. In the studies conducted on Calorad®, people were most successful taking Calorad® in this night-time manner. Calorad® works to sustain daytime energy levels when taken in the above "night-time" manner, and this may give some people additional energy necessary to maintain a good exercise schedule, causing additional weight loss. Calorad® may be taken in the morning (immediately upon awakening) if you were unable to take it at night because of late-night snacking, or a late dinner. It is not quite as effective taken in this manner, but it is better to take Calorad® in the morning than skipping a day of Calorad® intake altogether. Remember not to eat breakfast or drink coffee for at least 45 minutes after taking your calorad in the morning, and try to resume your night-time schedule of taking Calorad® that evening. For endurance and stamina, Calorad® can also be taken during the day approximately one half hour before meals. Athletes can take Calorad® forty-five minutes to a half-hour before working out to support endurance and strength.

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