How should I take Calorad if I don't want to take off weight?

Calorad® is primarily a nutritional supplement. Individuals who need to lose excess pounds and inches experience these results with Calorad® because it supports the body in building lean muscle mass and, consequently, burning fats and sugars more efficiently. Calorad® is not exclusively for any one body type, however, it can be taken by all physical types alike as a strength optimizer and nutritional support product. For individuals taking Calorad® as a nutritional supplement, either of the above methods are appropriate for use. Anorexic persons often have a high percentage of body fat and very little lean muscle. Calorad® supplementation has not been associated with a loss of lean muscle as have many diets. It is important not to go on a "starvation diet" when taking Calorad®, or use Calorad® as a meal replacement. That is not how it works, and that is why Calorad® is safe for people wanting to loose fat, or for those who just want to gain lean muscle.

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