What are the ingredients in Calorad® (also called "Calorad 2000") and where is collagen from?
Is Calorad® Kosher?

Each 1/2 liter bottle of Calorad®, also called Calorad 2000®, (16.6 oz) contains purified water, collagen hydrolysate, aloe vera, glycerin, potassium sorbate, natural flavoring. The beef and fish versons have different flavoring. Calorad 2000®Kosher contains collagen from fish, natural pink lemonade flavoring, and is certified Kosher. Calorad 2000® bovine contains collagen from certified Canadian beef, and contains Natural lemonade flavoring.
Collagen hydrolysate (hydrolyzed collagen) is the active ingredient in all forms of Calorad®. Aloe vera, also contained in all forms of Calorad®, has additional therapeutic qualities.
All Calorad manufacturered prior to January, 2000 contained collagen from bovine sources (beef). Calorad 2000®, introduced in January, 2000, originally contained collagen from fish sources only. The beef version was temporarily discontinued in early 2000, but due to popular demand for the beef version, it was re-introduced as "Calorad 2000® Bovine version" in September, 2000.
The Beef version seems to have a superior effect on the joints, and may be more beneficial for those with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. The collagen in Calorad2000® Bovine® is produced from the connective tissue of certified Canadian cows (found between the meat and the skin) when the beef is prepared into steaks. Calorad2000® Kosher, is prepared from collagen from fish.
Connective tissue is used as a collagen source because it is an excellent source of type-2 collagen, and contains virtually no blood products. This collagen is very similar to the products that go into making gelatin or "jello", or gelatin vitamin capsules, however unlike gelatin, only the superior type-2 collagen found between the meat and the skin is used to make Calorad® and the collagen is much more concentrated for superior efficacy. We use Canadian cows because they are held to very stringent health standards. Currently, we are using government-inspected fish as a safe and healthy source for our superior type-2 collagen in Calorad 2000® kosher.

We have had several questions concerning Mad Cow Disease or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Currently, there have been no reports of BSE in the USA or Canada. The collagen source in Beef Calorad® is taken from inspected, certified Canadian Beef. The company has prepared an official statement of the risk of BSE and Calorad, which can be viewed HERE. You will need the PDF Acrobat reader (free) to read this file. To download it, click here

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